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Yes I can. My mantra for forty years. Starting with learning about peripheral and cerebral vascular disease so that I could talk to Consultant Surgeons and Physicians at their level on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, then on to teaching myself how to write computer software in the early 1980s which led to a business with over 250 clients worldwide and an international reputation.

I invented a new method of analysing a golfer’s performance, at any level of ability, which became a software chip for the Sharp IQ personal organiser in the 1990s. The system was adopted by national golfing unions and international golf coaches and was the subject of a study at Cardiff University.

I have presented papers at pharmaceutical conferences, computer and IT conferences, an international sports science conference as well as smaller, more intimate gatherings and I was the principal lecturer in a 3 day residential computer course at St Andrews University.

I am a published writer.

Now I successfully take photographs and make pictures for clients.

If I’m asked “Can you…” the reply is “Yes I can.”