Selling your home is one of the most stressful decisions you can make so you want everything as good as it can be when prospective buyers are searching around.

The very first thing that a house hunter sees of your house is a picture.  If the picture is poor it could be a good enough reason to move on to look at the next house.  But a quality picture is an invitation to look deeper, and the property switches to being aspirational.

We cannot make recommendations for choosing an estate agent but FollowTheHatPHOTOGRAPHY can guarantee you stunning, bright and fresh pictures of the best features in your home to pass to your agent of choice.

So let those house hunters see it at its best, with vertical verticals and level horizontals.  Check out your favourite agent’s images of other properties and then come to us for perfection.  It’s your house, make buyers aspire to it.

P1000342.JPG P1070526.JPG 18.JPG P1050808.JPG P1000411.JPG P1060327.JPG P1050823.JPG P1050753.JPG

“Thanks for the photos. We think they look great. Especially the photos of the bothy and the shed - very nice/artsy.” A Reddy.

“Thanks for this, the photos look great” - J Spencer, Estate Agent

“Had a look at the photos and we were very impressed, they show the property off really well.” - J Stubbs

“Thank you for these - they look great!!” - D Metcalfe

“Your photos are brilliant and you’ve done me proud.” - G Dennett

“Thanks Alastair, they are even better than I expected!” - K Jones

“Thank you, the pictures are wonderful, you have captured the heart and beauty of Lavender Cottage with great vision!” - D Lloyd-Ainsbury

“Many thanks for these they look great. Yes we will definitely be sending more work your way in the new year.” - K Clowes, Estate Agent

“I thought your photos at Malpas were excellent!” - J Spencer, Estate Agent

P1060706.JPG P1060276.JPG P1040067.JPG P1010127.JPG P1060699.JPG P1060946.JPG P1060939.JPG Click an image for enlargement P1010074.JPG P1010414.JPG P1010070.JPG 04.JPG 20.JPG P1070723.JPG P1010485.JPG P1050731.JPG P1030965.JPG P1060627.JPG P1010408.JPG P1070514.JPG 07.JPG
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